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BABY FOOT by Tim Venable

Playing on our immersive Henry Murray Stage

Two seemingly mismatched souls find themselves on the cusp of a life-changing connection. Blackie’s first night in rehab intersects with Alexis’s 90-day release. A long night’s journey into day drives their sensation seeking impulsivities full throttle into the same lane where hearts and minds are torn between the seductive allure of the drug and the elusive promise of a brighter, sober future.

RUNTIME: 85 minutes, no intermission


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“The first truly must-see theatrical event of the year."


"A heroic production. Arbery’s writing is masterful in its ability to capture the nuances of each character’s ideology and the internal conflicts they grapple with.”


"A riveting and thought-provoking play that delves into the complexities of ideology, faith, and the generational divide in contemporary America."

- Stage and Cinema

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"Heroes of the Fourth Turning is perhaps the best play you can see this year that illuminates the current landscape of traditional religious belief and the complex rationalizing of conservative thinkers in American culture at the present time. Brilliant and controversial … manages to make both progressives and conservatives squirm."

- Hollywood Times

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"Wherever you land politically, you will probably find something in FOURTH TURNING that one of these characters says or does that gets you nodding, shaking your head or seriously steamed.


Just don’t get comfortable. That’s the idea."

- Broadway World

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