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"Rant & Rave" at Rogue Machine Theatre in Los Angeles is a unique theatrical event where a series of short essays are presented based on a specific theme. These themes can range widely, covering topics from personal experiences to broader societal issues. The format typically consists of several short essays, each around 10 minutes long, all written by different writers.


This allows for a diverse range of perspectives and storytelling styles to be showcased within a single evening of theater.

Rant and Rave also provides a platform for emerging playwrights as well as established writers to experiment with new ideas and connect with audiences in Los Angeles' vibrant theater scene. This format not only entertains but also fosters dialogue and reflection among attendees.


Overall, Rant & Rave at Rogue Machine Theatre offers a dynamic and engaging theatrical experience that celebrates diversity in storytelling and encourages exploration of contemporary issues through the art of short-form essays. It is a must-see for theater enthusiasts looking to engage with fresh, thought-provoking narratives in the heart of Los Angeles' cultural landscape.

Tickets for RANT & RAVE are only $25!

Interested in participating in Rogue Machine's Rant & Rave?
Email: rantandrave(at)

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