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Rogue Machine

is the first theatre in Los Angeles to offer you theatre:

 the way you pay for TV.



How does it work? Simple! Subscribe to us and our doors are always open to you. You will get a special log in to our ticketing website where you can make your reservations - and change them - however you like. Even if you don't make a reservation and just show up at the theatre you can still just waltz in (if there are seats available - we do recommend the online reservation for that reason). Once you are a Rogue Subscriber you don't pay for individual shows anymore - only the $25/month for your subscription. The best part?

All proceeds from these passes go directly towards artist wages. 


Your investment in our monthly subscription supports our belief that artists deserve monetary compensation and acknowledgment. As our subscriber base grows we will be able to use those funds to create more workshops and support more artists. YOU can be a part of something that has never been done before in theatre in Los Angeles: revolutionizing how we pay and consume theatre. 


As one of our first subscribers you will be there to support us as we boldly go where no theatre went before: and you get the bragging rights of being one of the first patrons to ever subscribe to theatre the 2023 way. 

Now for the small print:


You receive one (1) ticket to as many performances of each Rogue Machine production on our Main Stage and the Henry Murray Stage, including Rant & Rave, Around the Clock, Music Nights and other special offerings. Reservations cannot be made on Opening Nights and are subject to availability. Minimum 6 months commitment. In case of cancellation please contact us directly as



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